Geneseo High School choir performs in concert hall

Claudia Loucks
Freshman choir
Junior-Senior Choir
Sophomore Choir

The Geneseo High School Choirs performed for their families at a concert in the GHS Concert Hall. Because of vocal performance restrictions in place due to the pandemic, each choir received a half-hour of performance time.

Members of the Freshman Choir performed “Hope Lingers On,” with soloists Addison Dykstra, Isabella Haney and Elizabeth Ramp; “Cantar,” percussion: Sophie DeCock, Mason Joseph, Claire Kehoe, Madison Ochs and Taylor VanHoutte, and “Distant Land,” with pre-recorded Junior-Senior Choir.

Russell Brown received the “Freshman Rookie of the Year Award.”

The Sophomore Choir performed “Hope Lingers On,” “O Gin I Were Where Gadie Rins,” and “Distant Land.”

Tyler Gehl received the “Sophomore Rookie of the Year Award,” and sophomore Joe Mroz, was honored as the Illinois Music Educators Association All-State participant.

The seniors were honored at the beginning of the Junior-Senior Choir performance.

As the seniors were introduced, the Junior Choir sang “Starmaker,” and was conducted by Olivia Egert. The seniors sang “Where Does the Time Go,” and they were conducted by Sylvia Baumgardner and accompanied by Megan Soria.

The Junior-Choir Choir sang “Ritmo,” and was accompanied by Megan Soria and choir instructor Pam Edwards.

Illinois Music Educators Association All-State participants that were honored at the concert are Tyler Belanger, Rose Henderson, Natalie Jacocks, Jack Moore, Keira Schehl and Anna Snyder.

Rose Henderson received the “Most Valuable Junior Award,” and Ava Perrigo received the “Louis Armstrong Jazz Award.”

The National Choral Award was presented to senior Sylvia Baumgardner. Junior-Senior Choir President Sylvia Baumgardner gave her end-of-the-year speech.

The concert finale was “Distant Land.”