Atkinson seats new Board members

Claudia Loucks

Newly-elected board members to the Atkinson Village Board were seated at the recent regular meeting. They are Travis Vandersnick, Sarah Combs and John Skinner. Board member Ryan Rahn and Mayor Ken Taber also were re-elected to the board.

Outgoing board members are Ralph Mapes and Gerald Franks.

In other business, the board discussed, but made no decision, regarding the amount of trees and brush that have been left at the burn pile located at the Atkinson Lagoon. It has been reported that area tree companies are dumping large trees and large amounts of brush at the burn pile and because of their size they do not burn completely.

The board also approved an appropriations ordinance for the 2021-2022 budget that lists expenditures at $3,701,699.15 and revenues at $6,343,020.69. The new figures compare with last year’s expenditures of $6,208,849.41 and revenues of $7,994,562.69