Help needed for Aisle of Flags May 31

Geneseo Republic
Geneseo Aisle of Flags

On Monday, May 31, the Aisle of Flags will go up at 7:00 AM in the Geneseo City Parks, weather permitting.  

The Committee appreciates all the help they can get to put up the 836 flags representing 850 veterans. Flags will come down at 2:30 in the afternoon.

Coffee and donuts will be served in the park shelter after flags go up in the morning. 

Nine new veterans flags will be added on Memorial Day, they are:

Robert Wancket. Robert Reade, Donald E. Shaw, Robert J Hoste, Richard Nowers, Jess W. Johnson, Otto Hinrichsen, Jame neil DeWeerot, Capt. Arnold Curnyn MD

Any questions please call Bob DeBoever at 309-944-6343.