Geneseo Local Scholarship night

Claudia Loucks
Students in the photos are among the scholarship winners at the Local Scholarship Night held at GHS.
Students in the photos are among the scholarship winners at the Local Scholarship Night held at GHS.
Students in the photos are among the scholarship winners at the Local Scholarship Night held at GHS.
Students in the photos are among the scholarship winners at the Local Scholarship Night held at GHS.

Geneseo High School students were honored recently at the Local Scholarship Night held at the school.

Principal Travis Mackey credited Linda VanDerLeest, guidance counselor, and Nicole Cherry, front desk secretary, for their efforts in making the night a success for students and guests.

The presentations were done in two different groups in two different sessions in order to follow guidelines in place from the current pandemic.


-4H Foundation Scholarship – Cole Ellerbrock.

-Chris Heath Memorial Scholarship – Carson McKeag.

--Geneseo Middle School/High School PTA Scholarship – Olivia Johnson & Mara Lowe

-Seth Ernst Memorial Soccer Slam Scholarship – Logan Fitzpatrick, Ethan Holke, Riley Nelson, Mason Smith, Chloe Adams, Taylor DeSplinter & Elizabeth Whiteman.

-Walt Henry Public Service Scholarship – Evelyn Wilson.

-GFWC/IL Geneseo Women’s Club Senior Girl Award – Tricia Elden.

-Community Choir of Geneseo Music Education Scholarship – Anna Poel.

-Arlyn W. Swiger Memorial Scholarship – Carson McKeag.

-Eldon F. and Olive R. Swiger Memorial Scholarship - Cole Ellerbrock.

-Maice Quayle Memorial Scholarship – Zachary Henderson & Paige Laingen.

-Atkinson Booster Club Scholarship – Cole Ellerbrock & Taylor DeSplinter.

-Clara Kasnick Memorial Scholarship – Tricia Elden.

-Geneseo Foundation Scholarship – Charles Clauson, Taylor DeSplinter, Logan Fitzpatrick, Mara Lowe, Robyn Nelms, Anna Poel, Thomas Robinson, Brennen Smith, Elizabeth Whiteman & Olivia Johnson.

-Vivian & Maurice Kane Scholarship – Taylor DeSplinter & Logan Fitzpatrick.

-Geneseo Chamber of Commerce Scholarship – Alicia Mackey, Evelyn Wilson & Brayden Williamsen.

-Geneseo Rotary STRIVE Scholarship – Paige Laingen, Nick Baraks, Athena Knowles & Brennen Smith.

-Brad Schoon Memorial Scholarship; - Paige Laingen.

-Atkinson Women’s Organization Scholarship – Anna Poel & Taylor DeSplinter.

-JF Edwards Construction Company (EIP Group) Scholarship – Thomas Robinson.

-Josephine Edwards Scholarship – Kaytie Banister.

-Sid & Carlene Kemmis Scholarship – Paige Laingen.

-Geneseo Chapter DAR Scholarship – Evelyn Wilson, Mara Lowe, Alison Bowers & Taylor DeSplinter.

-Southwest PTA Scholarship – Kaitlyn Skelton & Faith Henderson.

-Northside PTA Scholarship – Abigail Barickman.

-Northside Elementary School Scholarship – Madeline Barickman & Justin Ford.

-Millikin Elementary School PTA Scholarship – William Plumley & Nicholas VanDeWoestyne.

-GIFT Foundation Scholarship – Drew Maertens, Kaitlyn Skelton & Clay DeBaille.

-Geneseo Rotary Scholarship – Adeleen Dunker, Esther Brown, Drew Maertens & Emma Slaymaker.

-H. Keith Follett Memorial Scholarship – Ava Perrigo.

-Geneseo Community Quilters Scholarship – Ava Perrigo.

-Geneseo Art League and Gallery/Denison Memorial Award – Mary Mroz.

-Stewart Lodge #92 John Laue Memorial Scholarships – Alexandria Nelson, Ava Perrigo & Olivia Johnson.

-Gracia L. Ague Teacher Scholarship – Ava Perrigo.

-Geneseo Chapter DAR Scholarship – Madeline Possin.

-Mary J. Ward Memorial Scholarship – Ava Perrigo.

-Geneseo Education Association Scholarship – Miranda Roemer & Kaitlyn Skelton.

-Ralph and Dorothy Graham Scholarship – Taya Peterson.

-Geneseo Foundation Scholarship – Kade Ariano, Abigail Barickman, Madeline Barickman Owen Leetch, Peter Moser, Dusty Osborne, Ava Perrigo, Taya Peterson, Tannen Rink, Miranda Roemer, Kaitlyn Skelton, Ian Swan & Lily Wiese.

-Lyle and Helen Henry Memorial Scholarship – Madeline Possin & Lily Wiese.

] -Geneseo Lions Club Paul “Doc” Yackley Memorial Scholarship - Kade Ariano.

-Geneseo Lions Club Joe Shebeyn Memorial Scholarship – Emily Yost.

-Randy Anderson Memorial Scholarship – Owen Leetch.

-Livengood-Resser Scholarship – Taya Peterson & Kaitlyn Skelton.

-Christopher Pobanz Memorial Scholarship – William Plumley & Elizabeth Manthe.

-Lanny Rae Minnaert Memorial Scholarship – Drew Maertens.]

-Ted McAvoy Scholarship – Miranda Roemer.

-Marvin James Redman Memorial Scholarship – Faith Henderson.

-Dr. Bob Daniels Memorial Scholarship – Madeline Possin.

-John F. Edwards Memorial Scholarship – Owen Leetch.

-Gloria and Don Feldman Memorial Scholarship – Nicholas VanDeWoestyne.

-Izaak Walton League Scholarship – Elizabeth Yost.

-GROWTH, Inc. Scholarship – Kaitlyn Skelton.

-Royce A Stenzel Memorial Scholarship – Nicholas VanDeWoestyne.