Geneseo students gather in Park prior to Prom

Claudia Loucks
Jeremy Shipman, left, and William Plumley were among the GHS students in City Park prior to Prom on Saturday.
Lauren Johnsen, left; Dominic DeBoef, Audrey Lamb and Drayton DeBoef have their photo taken in City Park before Geneseo’s Prom.
Savannah Reisner, left; Anna Snyder and Jonathan Widger were among the young ladies in colorful prom dresses and young men in tuxedoes, dressed up for GHS Prom on Saturday, May 15.
Jacob Endress and his date Eliza Farley in City Park prior to GHS Prom
Seniors Cadence Talbert, left, and Allie Mackey pose for a photo in City Park prior to the Geneseo High School Prom.

The Geneseo City Park became a rainbow of colors Saturday when Geneseo High School students gathered for Prom photos. Meeting in the park prior to Prom activities is a long-time tradition for GHS students, and this year was even more special as last year’s Prom was cancelled due to the guidelines in place as a result of Covid-19. The 2021 Prom was held at the high school.