Geneseo Council to address Center St. traffic

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic
Geneseo City Hall

The Geneseo City Council met May 11.  

The Council revisited the issues regarding the  block of North Center Street between Exchange and Brown.  A number of years ago, the city replaced the gutters and curbs, on that block without decreasing the size of grassy patches between the sidewalk and street.  Several residents in that block came and addressed the Council, stating their issues with the width of the street.  It is impossible for two cars to pass each other, when cars are parked on both sides.  During snowfalls, the snowplow is often forced to weave between parked cars.  Garbage trucks have issues productively picking up refuse after a snow. 

A motion was made to close that block to two way traffic, and to have a traffic study done, before the May 25 meeting.  What will be determined then, would be if once closed to two way traffic, whether the flow for that block would be northbound or southbound.  The block would maintain parking on both sides. 

Approval for a building to be built just north of Los Ranchitos at an address of 4160 S. Oakwood was made.  The building would house Diesel Power, a company that buys and sells commercial truck fleets.  The trading of these truck fleets is mostly done on the internet, so it would not regularly have any commercial trucks parked on the premises, just act as an office for those operations to occur out of. 

City Water and sewer projects are on schedule, and will begin as soon as weather permits.