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Canal Pathway

Many neighbors who live along the canal bridle pathway, especially east of Lock 24, are getting disgusted with golf carts and ATVs running up ‘n down the pathway. I believe horseback riders can use that stretch of canal, but folks walking along the path and neighbors say, “enough is enough” with motorized vehicles. Our house boarders the canal east of Colona and I know those type vehicles are not allowed on that stretch of canal heading towards Geneseo. On occasion, we do see a motorcycle on the bike path, but not very often. If those type vehicles are not allowed on the pathway, maybe additional warning signs by Ash Drive and other entrance locations would be a good idea. I do know that Tom Vandemore, Supt., Hennepin Canal Parkway, has been notified of the problem, but he is down to 2-3 canal workers to maintain over 100 miles of canal. He is working with Jamie Posateri, Conservation Police Officer, to increase awareness of the problem. Through the years, Officer Posateri has written numerous citations to offenders who have ignored the regulations concerning the canal pathway. She will step-up her surveillance on offenders’ who disregard the law. The fine is $195.

Sad Deer

On most Sundays we Zoom with my cousins and our kids. One set of relatives have a cabin in northern Wisconsin. They are big-time birdwatchers and have feeders by their woods. In the evening deer, bears, and everything between like to feed on the birdseed that falls from the feeders. Last week they were telling us about a 3 legged deer that shows up at the feeders. The left front leg is missing. The sad thing is the other deer chase the lame deer away. One wonders why that is? Is it because the deer is “different” or is there some other reason? Sad, either way!

Rain Rain, Go Away

Between the rain and the pesky gnats, this fisherman has not ventured to my favorite fishing haunts. Hopefully, by the time you read this, we will be in a dry climate for a while. As I pen this article I am going to have to set my mower deck to its highest setting. Even at that it’s going to be a challenge. On the bright side, our gardens and flowers are doing great. Hopefully, all the rain will help the farmers, too!

Ikes Kids Fishing Derby

This annual free and fun event is only two weeks away. Because of the pandemic there will be a few changes made, but basically, it’s still going to be lots of fun. Lunch will not be served, but snacks will be made available. As of now, masks are optional. However, I would suggest to bring a mask just in case things change. The event will be held on Saturday, June 12, 2021.

Registration begins at 8 a.m. and the contest starts at 8:30 ending at 11 a.m. Carbon Cliff Bait & Tackle will supply the bait. Many volunteers and businesses have helped make this annual event very successful. This contest is open for ages 2 – 16. At the end of the contest, prizes and awards will be given out. A special thanks goes to Tom Vandemore, Supt., Hennepin Canal Parkway, for having that section of the canal cleared of aquatic plants and weeds. It always helps when the younger kids’ fish along the banks. I should also mention that the fishing is from the canal bank only. No boats! It all takes place at the Ikes Park, 1 mile north of Geneseo, off of Rt. 82. There will be a lot of really nice prizes so we hope to see you, your kids and/or grandkids at this big event.


You will make your boat fill better if you give it some vitamin sea! A boat full of buddies is called a friend-ship! When going fishing, bring a radio and turn on something catchy.