Galva Council addresses eyesore properties, police vacancies

Carol Townsend
City of Galva

Three aldermen were swore in at Monday nights  city council meeting, incumbent Jim Hartman, Jamie Hopping and newly elected Dougie Anderson. Third ward alderwomen Jackie Clucas was absent for her swearing in as incumbent of third ward.

The council opened the only bid from a city owned lot, behind the State Bank of Toulon. Mid Century  Fiber bid $3,000 and was awarded the bid.

Second ward alderman Jim Hartman questioned why the City of Galva paid $1,500 to Joel Brewster to take down a trailer on Southeast 2nd Avenue.

Mayor Rich Volkert said that the owner was not doing anything with it, so it was cheaper for the city just to clean it up rather that have to pay the City Attorney to proceed to have it cleaned up.

Hartman asked if the city owned the lot now and the garage that was left?

Mayor Volkert said that the owner of the property, kept the garage and the property and is using the garage for his storage of a  motor vehicle.

Hartman said he did not feel this was right. He said the garage should have been torn down and the City of Galva should own the lot.

Alderman Dougie Anderson asked Mayor Volkert  what tools he had given City Administrator David Dyer to work with in bringing economic development to Galva? Anderson said that one of Galva’s TIF districts expires on 12-31-2021 and he feels another one needs to be looked at. He asked that Mike Webber who is well versed on TIF districts be invited to Galva’s next council meeting.

Mayor Rich Volkert read the poppy proclamation and declared May 28th as poppy day.

Danielle Williams and Dr. Jeff Hawes were present and gave a presentation on Black Hawk College scholarship program.

The program would be if there could be dollars raised for Galva then the interest from the investment would fund Galva students to attend the college at no charge on guidelines on eligibility. They offer  many vocational programs that students can be placed directly into a community with skills. This would be for students who attended K-12 in Galva or prorated if they hadn’t attended 13 years.

If anyone would like any more information on making a donation to this fund, please contact Danielle Williams at BHC at 309-854-1715 for more information or a brochure on the Galva Promise.

Police Chief Kraig Townsend reported that he has had 3 part time officers quit and one full time has given their notice.

“We are having a tough time to cover.” he noted.

With the police reform bills being passed, officers  are afraid of being “sued.” he stated.

It was reported in the absence of Superintendent Greg Thompson that he is working on the water issues near the Galva Park District  as there are 12 spots where tiles have either broken or have issues.

The water department is flushing hydrants.

Clean up days will be the week of June 21 and ending June 26th. More details will be listed next week.

The July 4th parade route will be shortened this year. The new route will be available but will not go through the downtown or across the railroad this year.

The snowplow truck that did not get ordered for the City of Galva is now re-ordered and went from a 2020 Chevrolet to a 2021 Ford truck.

The following checks were received:

Rebuild Il installment #4, $28,437l April video gaming tax, $3,884; March telecommunications tax $2,201; April income tax $43,565; March local share of state use tax $6,733; April cannabis use tax $296; April MFT $8,528; March sales tax $17,274; April personal property replacement tax, $16,827.

The council went into closed session to discuss real estate and personnel. There was no action after the closed session.