Galva pool to open May 29

Carol Townsend
City of Galva

Galva pool will open Saturday, May29th with weather permitting.

The concession stand will only serve pre-packaged food this year.

If an individual or a business wants to sponsor a free day at the pool for $250. This allows all swimmers free entrance to the pool. If you are interested, please contact a board member or leave a message on the Galva Park District Facebook page.

The drain cover is installed and the pool was filled last week and ready to go.

The Galva Park District has received their license from the State of Illinois.

Superintendent Nathan Glaser will take the food handlers class and the Park District will pay for the course.

The board discussed some projects for the next budget- a new mower and ball diamond light/poles.

Board member Patrick Sloan informed the board about a parent incident at a high school baseball game at the Park District. The police were called and removed the adult from the Park District. Sloan said he will share the report  with the board members he writes up for the school to review in case further action is necessary by the Park Board.

The Herbster house has been resurveyed and the survey has been filed at the courthouse.

It was reported to the board that the July 4th fireworks and activities will be held at the Park District  as usual.

It was also reported that The Backroad Music Festival is planning to have the concert with necessary changes and precautions.

The next Park District meeting is Wednesday, June 9th at the Herbster house at 6 p.m.

The board will have their meeting first and then the employees will come for a pizza party which is done yearly for the board and employees to get acquainted.