Rex Kiser earns GOP recommendation for Henry County Treasurer

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic
Rex Kiser

Henry County Republican Precinct Committeemen met to recommend a replacement for retiring County Treasurer Tim Wells on May 27th at the Cambridge Community and Youth Center.

The Committee had been asking interested parties to submit resumes and references to the County Chairman in order that they could interview candidates interested in the unexpired term. 

Rex Kiser, was ultimately selected from the field of four, having previously served on the Henry County Board, with a professional background in banking and real estate.

Other candidates for the position were  CPA Dwayne Anderson of Lynn Center, a current Board member and 2014 Republican candidate for Treasurer, Kelly Vincent of Geneseo, the current Chief Deputy Treasurer, and Nathan Ray, a farmer and investor from rural Osco. 

21 of 27 elected committeemen were present, and they cast weighted votes by closed ballot based on the number of Republican ballots cast in March, 2020 in their precinct. The committee is recommending County Board Chairman Kippy Breeden put Mr. Kiser’s name in nomination to the Henry County Board for appointment to fill the remainder Of Mr. Wells’ term, November 30, 2022, at the June 17 County Board meeting. Wells retirement takes effect July 1.