St. Malachy's students donate to Kids Heart Challenge

Claudia Loucks
Sixth graders at St. Malachy's School in Geneseo help raise funds for Kids Heart Challenge / American Heart Challenge.

Sixth graders at St. Malachy’s School in Geneseo helped raise $11,298.86 in the Kids Heart Challenge /American Heart Challenge event. The students and their teacher, Styphanie Palmer, are, in front from left to right, Payton Boone, Elena Anderson, Lillian Brown, Palmer, Nathan Boone, Carson Peters, Eli Palmer; in back from left, Kids Heart Challenge Mascot Finn, Leah Falk, Kolby Causemaker, Claire DeGrave, Vi Pettit, Carter Chemin and Jerry Maciejewski.

Students at St. Malachy’s School in Geneseo participate in the Kids Heart Challenge every year and this year students collected $11,298.86 in the event.

Styphanie Palmer, physical education teacher at St. Malachy’s, said the Kids Heart Challenge “is a fun and exciting event where students learn about heart while helping others by raising money for the American Heart Association.”

She said students learn ways to keep their hearts healthy during their PE lessons. They also participate in healthy activities and a staff member visits the classes to talk about her special heart….”We finish our challenge with a Grand Event,” Palmer said, explaining this year the challenge concluded with goodie bags, prizes and a huge obstacle course designed by the sixth graders.”

St. Malachy’s had a goal of $11,000 and surpassed that amount by raising $11,298.86, with sixth grader Eli Palmer raising the most money - $1,152.66. He has raised over $1,000 for the six years he has been part of the Kids Heart Challenge.