Henry County Veterans Assistance Commission needs volunteer drivers

Claudia Loucks
The Iowa City VA van is used by the Henry County Veterans Assistance commission to transport Henry County veterans to the Iowa City VA Hospital.

The Covid-19 pandemic affected many people and numerous organizations in so many different ways, including the loss of drivers for the Henry County Veterans Assistance Commission.

Chris Potter, Superintendent, Henry County Veterans Assistance Commission, said, “Due to Covid-19, we lost 11 of our 16 volunteer drivers, although hopefully some of them will consider coming back soon.”

A special license is not required and volunteers need not be veterans to offer their driving services.

A volunteer’s first trip to Iowa City VA is made with an experienced volunteer driver to assist in the training. Volunteer drivers receive a meal ticket for their donated time.

A state driver’s license and a good driving record are required to become a volunteer driver. For more information, call Potter, at 309-937-3451.