Galva Pool will not open this year

Carol Townsend
Obsolete parts are causing the Galva pool to remain dry this summer

The Galva pool has a problem and did not open on May 30th as planned and doesn’t look like it will open this season.

Vice President of the Galva Park District board, Larry Morse said  Monday morning there is a vent cover in the bottom of the pool that was original equipment from when the pool was built in 1967 which broke into 12-14 pieces when it was removed.

Morse said that they can not get one as it was an odd size.

The board has hired an engineer to get one designed and then approved to be made.

Morse said the employees were notified of the problem this year so hopefully they could find other employment.

The grounds maintenance workers are the only employees working this summer.

Morse said they have had many expenses with the pool in recent years,  a new liner, heater, major work several years ago when it was closed.

Morse said it would have been a “ great year for the pool as June has been so hot, it is very sad.”