Geneseo School Board gets first look at Vocational Building plans

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic
Potential floor plan of proposed vocational center
Proposed location of stand alone Vocational Center

The Geneseo School Board got an opportunity to see what architect Richard Jones and construction managers at Boyd Jones proposed as the new Vocational Center for Geneseo High School. 

Pete Perez of Boyd Jones gave a presentation regarding the advantages of the stand alone building, to be located across the street form the Concert Hall.  The proposed building will offer 12,000 square feet that will house a 4 bay auto shop that can fit up to 8 cars, a wood shop and a welding shop, with room for storage, classrooms and tool cribs. 

The space vacated by the existing vocational department is the possible new home to an Ag Shop and a possible STEM lab.  

A number of reasons for moving Vocational across the street were cited:

  • Lower total building cost
  • Traffic flow
  • Storage areas on west side of building
  • Stand alone building is more visible, easier to find
  • Allows  the Southeast corner of existing school building for future expansion
  • More choices in exterior finishing
  • Keeping noisy industrial space away from rest of the school
  • Easier to secure during construction

Perez also gave a potential time frame, should the preliminary design be approved at the August Board meeting. A detailed cost projection would be created, and the project let out for bids in December or January, hopefully breaking ground in March or April, as soon as the weather allows.

When pressed for a ballpark figure for the Vocational Project, Perez stated that the estimate would get more precise as more details were settled, but a rough estimate of $3.8 M to $4.1 M was given. 

Superintendent Adam Brumbaugh reminded the Board that they already had $1.2 M in funds already earmarked for this project, as well as the 1% sales tax that could put up to $200,000 a year towards construction costs.   He reassured the Board, that the District had money in the bank, as well as several options like debt certificates or working cash bonds, with low interest rates. 

Vocational teacher Kyle Bess stated they had been awarded another grant for $32,000 for the Vocational program, which brought the total of grants for the school year to $64,000. 

A point of interest made by Superintendent Brumbaugh was that in the past year, there was no Coronavirus infections with a school point of contact  recorded.  

The board recommended naming the Theatre after Joe and Marilyn DePauw, and making to officially the DePauw Theatre.