Looking Back Geneseo

compiled by Linda Flatt
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15 Years Ago

June 23, 2006

Officials within the City of Geneseo determined recently that a slight raise in the sewer rates is needed. The last increase in sewer rates was in 1996 with an increase of $2.25-per month to cover debt service and increased expenses. Now 10 years later there are plans to implement the increase slowly over the next five years.

The owner’s of the new Trapper’s Creek Bar & Grill, Daniel and Carla Zanfes and A.J.Brudos joined Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Dawn Tubbs, in a special ribbon cutting ceremony Monday at the restaurant located in the north Maple Ridge Shopping Center off Oakwood Ave.

25 Years Ago

June 21, 1996

Boards of the Geneseo Public Library and the Geneseo Historical Association will have a joint meeting Monday night to discuss the historical association’s lease on the museum owned by the library. The 10-year lease will be up in September 1997.

A picture in last week’s issue of a concrete square and plug in the yard at the corner of First Street and College Avenue was a railroad surveyor’s mark, according to Harold Kessler who had been the railroad depot agent here.

50 Years Ago

June 17, 1971

Mr. and Mr. Clarence Lewis, formerly co-owners of South Park Bakery in Rock Island, have purchased the Geneseo Bakery and will take possession of July 1. They will reside in Geneseo above the bakery. They have three daughters and one son.

Between 6,000 and 7,000 attended the Geneseo Music Festival Parade Sunday afternoon for the official opening of the third annual Geneseo Music Festival. The sweepstakes award including a trophy donated by the Geneseo Telephone Company and $100 in cash was won by the Order of Rainbow for Girls.

100 Years Ago

June 17, 1921

Special Values in Hosiery & Underwear – Women’s Seam Back & Seamless Fine Black Cotton hose in several different weights at 25 cents. Women’s sleeveless bank-top union suits either cuff knee or shell knee and with regular or bodice top, in fine weave with flat lock seams 85 cents & $1.00.

Bert Zabel has purchased and is now conducting the T.M.Lowry grocery store north of the public library. Mr. Zabel is an experienced man in the grocery business and for the past fourteen years has been employed in the grocery section of the George B. Dedrick Co., store.