Village of Atkinson to buy new loader

Claudia Loucks

At their recent meeting, Atkinson Village board members approved purchasing a new loader from Titan Machinery, Davenport, for the Public Works Department. The new machine will replace the current loader which is in need of a new engine.

The board agreed to spend about $112,000 for the new loader with a trade in.

Village Clerk Shrhonda Delp said to replace the engine in the loader the village currently owns” would cost anywhere from 25,000 to $40,000, so it was decided to purchase a new one.”

In other business, the board gave final approval to a TIF application from August Junior to help pay for a new roof on his building at 111 West Main St. which houses apartments on the second floor and is the location of Crown Entertainment on the main floor.

The board agreed to pay 50 percent of the $9,000 cost of the new roof, and will pay that share in annual installments of $1,500 each over the next three years.