Property transfers

compiled by Lisa Samuelson
Real estate transfers from the Sandusky County Auditor's office.

Catherine H. Sonneberg, n/k/a Catherine Darrin, Atkinson to  Taylor Andon  412 Margaret St., Atkinson  $110,000.00

Shane S. McBee to Alyssa, Carole and Bryce Hahn, 704 Oakwood Ave, Geneseo $128,000.00

Midwest Homebuyers LLC  to William and Leona M. Bateman !03 8th Ave, Colona $215,000.00

Phillip and Leona M. Vanearwage to Marcus and Molly Brown 201 Maple St., Cambridge $225,000.00

Karina Arcos to  Clinton Moorhouse and Michelle Marie Love 617 4th St. Colona $160,000.00

William W. and Darlene B. Fairman to Robert L. and Judith A. Sowers 614 S. Center St., Geneseo

Nancy L. Exner to Justin and Chelsea Claus 812 Cherry Dr., Geneseo $230,000.00

Jennifer and Scott Kuffel to Michael and Angela Murray W 1st St., Geneseo $335,000.00

Jennifer K L. Maas f/k/a Jennifer K.L. Cox and Adam Maas to Alexander J. and Linnea Truce 201 Oakwood Place, Geneseo, IL $190,000.00

Ryan and Holly Welborn to Luke C. and Jenni Serra 704 13th St., Orion,  $221,000.00