Geneseo Council approves bids for Cherry St. Lift Station, purchase of vacant lot

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic
Geneseo City Hall

The Geneseo City Council met on Tuesday June 22.  Martin Rothschild was absent.  

Mayor Sean Johnson took a moment early in the meeting to congratulate all the members who were involved in this year's Music Festival for their hard work.  It was a very successful event. 

Moving onto the business of the City, the bid for $313,090 was approved, and the work for the Cherry St. Lift Station was awarded to Miller Trucking and Excavating.  Bear Development, who has a housing development in that neighborhood, has agreed to pay $143,000 toward the upgrade.  City Administrator, Joann Hollenkamp, feels that the balance of the project qualifies for American Rescue Plan  and can come out of those funds.  The project can begin as soon as crops are out of the fields, as the project needs to use an easement that currently has farm crops on it. 

A vacant lot at 116 E. 1st Street, the location of the former Burke Cleaners, was purchased by the City for $5000.  The property adjoins another city-owned lot, currently used for parking. 

The verbiage in the Cemetery Rules was updated in accordance with the findings of the Cemetery Committee.  It further underscored that all pots and decorations should be placed on the memorial or foundation .  Vases must be placed on the memorial or foundation.  No Banners are allowed. Shepherds hooks can be mounted on memorials or foundations year round, but they must be able to be removed. Veteran grave markers are allowed next to a memorial.  Decorations, wreaths, and grave blankets may be left on graves from November 1 to March 15.  

The Council will send the funding issues for the Cemetery back to the Committee, and the issue will be revisited at the July Committee of the Whole. The City spends $83,000 more annually than they take in for maintaining Oakwood and North cemeteries. Mayor Johnson stated that the issue requires long term planning, and reallocation of funds should occur.  It is an important decision on how best to address the drain on the General Fund.