Dan D. Outdoors

Dan Dauw
These 2nd and 3rd grade Girl Scout Brownies and volunteers recently enjoyed a morning of fishing on the canal at the Geneseo Ikes Park.

4th of July

Just a short reminder about the Geneseo Kiwanis “Pork in the Park” and the “Maple City Band Concert.” Great food will be served from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. by Kiwanis volunteers at the Geneseo City Park. Make sure you leave an empty spot and travel north a few paces to the Maple City Band Dessert Tent (Donations welcomed). After that, enjoy live, patriotic music by the world renowned music conductor, Sir Alan Kiser, and the famous Maple City Band. They will start at 1 p.m. It has all the makings of a wonderful time.

Thanks, Bugs Bunny

I guess I asked for it. Last year Mr. Cottontail ate all our beans from our garden. Our neighbor put up a nice fence, but I thought if I go way overboard and plant lots of beans, there will be enough for man ‘n beast! Not so, brainless! Next year its land mines and my trail camera wired up with Mr. Twelve Gauge.

Last of the ‘70s

Yuk! I recently hit “79!” I start to think more about meeting up with the Grim Reaper. Sometimes, when I let my idle mind surf for thoughts, I wonder if the great beyond is how we think it is? My step-father was a brilliant man and he was an atheist. I can’t buy into that way of thinking, but I can understand how some would believe when that’s it, “that’s it!” Of course, I would miss Lorna, the kids and families. I do hope I get the opportunity to see former loved ones who have pasted. Not sure how all that plays out. I look back at my life and I really didn’t accomplish much for the good of mankind. If I go with the cremation route, I told Lorna to sprinkle my ashes in our garden with the hope of keeping those darn rabbits away. I had one of my cousin’s husband, who passed, placed in a regular pine box. I thought that was really cool. Meanwhile, the clock keeps ticking away and whether it’s tomorrow, next month, or a few years from now, the Lord will call me when it’s check-out time!

Here Fishy Fishy

So far this angler is bombing out on doing good with the rod ‘n reel. My luck has got to change and it won’t be soon enough. I’ve tried the Rock River, Giant Goose, Canal, and Lost Grove Lake. There is no guarantee when fishing, but still, come on, am I being jinxed??

Girl Scouts

Last week, Audrey Scheider, Girl Scout leader and volunteer, set-up 3 days to teach Brownies and Girl Scouts the sport of fishing. Some Izaak Walton volunteers and parents helped with the event. It was held at the Ikes Park on the canal.


Did you hear the one about the little mountain? It was Hill-arious. I think Velcro is a rip-off. Friend Sue DeBruyckere recently bought a Sesame Street puzzle. She was really proud of herself because it said on the box, “3 to 5 Years.” She finished it in 18 months. Lyn Paris stole a calendar. He got twelve months! Knock! Knock!! Who’s there? Anny! Anny who? Anny body going to open this door?