Marriages & Dissolutions

compiled by Lisa Samuelson
A couple hold hands in class during the Strong Bonds retreat at the Inn of the Mountain Gods, Mescalero, N.M., Dec. 16-18. The retreat is an Army chaplain's program where Soldiers learn skills on building relationships and strengthening the foundations of marriage.


Jacob Matthew Paxton, Sarah Beth Tutle, both of Kewanee

Jeffrey Lynn Martin, Laura Lea Paxton, both of Kewanee

William Earl Bobik, Carla Sue Goforth, both of Kewanee

Kyle David Dennison, Lexi Louise Marselle, Both of Kewanee

Jarret Joe Degen, Josie Shae Herbst, both of Ames, Iowa

Daniel Steven Negley, Jessica Marie Sears, Both of Galva

Colby Owen Freier, Anne Elizabeth Rose, both of Davenport, IA


Michael Thomas Smith from Andrea Marie Smith

Jessica Avelson from Jonathon Axelson 

Lizbeth Castillo from Jose Castillo