Geneseo gas main ruptured, residences evacuated

staff writer
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On Tuesday, June 29, 2021, the Geneseo Police Department, along with Geneseo Fire Protection District, responded to a report that a service contractor had unintentionally struck a buried gas pipeline in the area of South Oakwood Avenue and East South Street.

Upon arrival on scene, it was determined that an underground boring company was installing new equipment when it struck the buried gas main. This large diameter gas line began to leak a substantial amount of natural gas into the area. The gas traveled through a cavern created by the boring equipment East on South Street from the corner of Oakwood Avenue. As such, natural gas was detected several hundred feet East of Oakwood Avenue prompting officials to evacuate several residences in the area.

The area of Oakwood Avenue and Spring Streets in-between Locust and Main Streets will remain closed until further notice.

At this time NICOR is working on repairing the damage to the pipeline and restoring service to the area. Once the leak is contained a check of residences in the area will be conducted allowing residents to return.

UPDATE -  Residents were allowed back into their homes around 8:30 PM Tuesday, after they were checked by NICOR.  The streets in the area were opened to traffic at about 1 AM Wednesday.  NICOR and the City of Geneseo are completing repairs.