Orion High School academic awards night

Mindy Carls
New members of Orion High School’s chapter of the National Honor Society were inducted on Wednesday, May 12, in Central Park.

Orion High School conducted its ninth annual academic awards night on Wednesday, May 12, at the band shell in Central Park.

“Last year’s virtual awards ceremony was fun to create, but there is nothing better than being here tonight in person where we’ll get to see the smiles on these students’ faces as they receive their awards and scholarships,” Principal Nathan DeBaillie said.

The evening began with National Honor Society’s induction ceremony, which President Lily Moen, Vice-President Noelle Carlson, Secretary Rachel VanDuyne and Treasurer Maryn Bollinger conducted.

New members were Vaughn Bernhardt, Anne Carlson, Courtney Farwell, Kasey Filler, Madison Greenwood, Quinn Hoftender, Catie Johnson, Gabe Laleman, Dathan Moore, Avery Monson, Maggie Nedved, Sophie Selander, Hope Seys, Chance Stropes and Abby Watson.

Senior members of NHS were recognized, including Maryn Bollinger, Emily Canterbury, Noelle Carlson, Riley Filler, Abbey Grems, Hailey James, Eli Kayser, Nickie Kettler, Kati Kratzberg, Will Lawson, Marly Lillibridge, Sarah Marshall, Braydi Mascari, Lily Moen, Devin Nelson, Hannah Passno, Sydney Perkins, Kian Pfannenstiel, Noah Seys, Anna Silversmet, Rachel VanDuyne, Molly Vestal and Cade Weiss.

OHS introduced students in the top 10 percent of each class, based on cumulative grade point averages at the end of the fall semester of 2020-21.

Freshmen ranked in the top 10 percent were Katie Christensen, Kaitlyn Greenwood, Brooklyn Haars, Emily Hickerson, Olivia Hunt, Micah Knox, Keirah Kovac, Sadie Lough, Augustus Nedved, Derek Nelson, Grace Passno, Tate Schneider, Kenadi Sovey and Maya VanDuyne.

High-ranking sophomores were Jennie Abbott, Talen Butler, Mimi Carter, Cole Kimball, Haley Marshall, Ian Niemeier, Eric Thorndyke and Karly Wampler.

Juniors in the top 10 percent of their class were Quinn Hoftender, Gabriel Laleman, Margaret Nedved, Isabelle Nordstrom, Chloe Rittenhouse, Sophie Selander, Chance Stropes and Abby Watson.

(The top 10 percent of the senior class, honored at graduation, included Maryn Bollinger, Riley Filler, Sarah Marshall, Noelle Carlson, Nickie Kettler, Lily Moen and Rachel VanDuyne.)

Illinois State Scholars recognized were Emily Canterbury, Noelle Carlson, Riley Filler, Abbey Grems, Tyler Hunt, Hailey James, Kian Pfannenstiel, Noah Seys, Anna Silversmet and Rachel VanDuyne.

Spanish teacher Lindsay Benedict introduced students who excelled on standardized tests in biliteracy.

Students qualifying for the Functional Fluency Global Seal of Biliteracy were Maryn Bollinger, Emily Canterbury, Noelle Carlson, Riley Filler, Abigail Grems, Hailey James, Lily Moen, Kian Pfannenstiel, Noah Seys and Rachel VanDuyne.

The Illinois Commendation Toward Biliteracy award was awarded to Ashley Awbrey, Maryn Bollinger, Riley Filler, Jacob Frederickson, Abbey Grems, Tyler Hunter,

Hailey James, Elijah Kayser, Nickie Kettler, Kati Kratzberg, Avery Noble and Molly Vestal.

To earn the higher of the two state awards, the Illinois Seal of Biliteracy, students must excel in reading, writing, speaking and listening on a proficiency test. Recipients will be awarded credit in any Illinois state college or university.

This year the recipients were Emily Canterbury, Noelle Carlson, Lily Moen, Nathanael Monzon, Kian Pfannenstiel and Noah Seys.

Ag teacher and FFA sponsor Cassie Kingsford presented several awards.

The Tommy and Lindsey Nicholson Leadership award, presented to a junior senior leader in the Orion FFA chapter. This year the award went to Hunter Gustus.

Kingsford presented the Blue and Gold Award to Macenzie Ratliff. The award goes to a four-year FFA member in good standing who has served as a chapter officer, committee chairman, attended at least two contests every year, and at least one conference or convention in four years.

Sydney Perkins received the DeKalb Agricultural Accomplishment Award for an FFA student who exemplifies scholarship, commitment, work ethic and passion for pursuing a career in agriculture.

Perkins also received the Raymond C. Kuhn Award for the outstanding senior FFA member with the highest grade point average.

Macenzie Ratliff received the Orion FFA Alumni Scholarship.