Galva pool still waiting on State for permitting

Carol Townsend
Obsolete parts are causing the Galva pool to remain dry this summer

The Galva Park District board approved for George Kelly, the pool architect to create a drawing for the new drain cover. There is paperwork for the board to fill out and submit to the State of Illinois. The State of Illinois is backed up 1-2 months to get permits approved. The cover can be installed by a certified contractor once they get approval. This is why the pool did not open this year.

All  pool employees who were hired this year and did not get to work will receive a $25 gift card for their understanding and patience waiting for the board’s decision and did not seek other employment.

All pool memberships which had been paid were sent a check back in the mail.

A new mower will be purchased and a new weed eater has already been purchased. The board approved to purchase 2 more weed eaters and a more powerful leaf blower to remove grass from the sidewalks and the putt putt golf.

The board approved to help with the parking at The Back Road Music Festival again this year. The park district receives a donation for this service.

The board discussed that no further action was needed by the park district board regarding a parent incident at a baseball game where the police were called.

The parent has been banned from attending any other games by the high school this season.