American Flag pole wraps available in Geneseo

Claudia Loucks
Catherine (Cat) White, owner of CIC Your Digital Print Center, LLC, in Geneseo, shows one of the American Flag Pole Wraps she created for a family to place on the flag that is part of Geneseo’s Aisle of Flags display in Geneseo City Park.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is a well-known adage and is what came to mind when I learned about the American Flag Pole Wraps now available for the flag poles in Geneseo’s Aisle of Flags.

Some of the flags will have a new look on Veterans Day this year. They will include a picture of the veteran.

The American Flag Pole Wrap has been created by Catherine (Cat) White, owner of CIC Your Digital Print Center LLC in Geneseo.

She explained how the idea for the wrap surfaced and said, “Before Father’s Day, Bob DeBoever (president of the Geneseo Aisle of Flags) and a client came in to see me. Her husband had just died and she wanted the pole with her husband’s flag to be easier to recognize.”

White told the woman she would try to “come up with something.”

“I knew I needed to create something that would go-around the pole, be weather proof, stay secure and not fall off, also be easy to put on and not damage the flag pole,” she said. “The design also needs to honor the veteran.”

White continued, “I am blessed that the Lord gives me solutions. Got it! A customized weather proof decal, one that is easy to attach to the metal pole and one that won't come off and won’t scratch the poles when they are taken down. The wrap also has the veteran’s picture and military information so that family members can easily recognize their family’s veteran.”

The wraps are a simple, attractive design that adds to and does not take away from the beauty of the Aisle of Flags.

“I am from a military family so I understand the pride in our hearts of those who have served our country,” White said.

DeBoever said, “I think it’s a wonderful idea. When a veteran’s family orders a flag for the Aisle of Flags I tell them pictures are available and if they are interested they contact White.

Having the wraps on the poles is a good way for people visiting the Aisle of Flags to see what the veteran looks like, not just a name.

DeBoever said most of the photos on the flag poles “are from their military days. We always encourage families to put something on the flag poles that makes it easier for them to identify the flag when it is on display in the park.”

DeBoever is president of the Geneseo Aisle of Flags, a 501 C3 non-profit organization. For more information, contact him at 309-944-6343.

Flags in the Aisle of Flags are on display in Geneseo City Park on Memorial Day, July 4 and Veterans Day, weather permitting.

DeBoever said there were 825 included in the Aisle of Flags display on July 4, 2021, and five more already been added for Veterans Day.

The deadline is Sept. 1, 2021, for a flag to be included in this year’s Veterans Day display.

Anyone interested in ordering a pole wrap can stop in or call the CIC Your Digital Print Center LLC between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, or from 1 to 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. For more information call CIC at 309-944-6285.

Photographs, of good resolution, can be left at CIC, 485 U.S. Hwy 6 East, Suite 3, Geneseo, or emailed to

The wraps include the name of the veteran on one line and three additional lines for information such as military branch and rank, service dates, birth and death dates. Proofs are provided before the information is printed.

Wraps for flags in the Geneseo Aisle of Flags are 3 x 11 inches and White said the wraps can be resized at not extra cost….”If anyone wants to use the American Flag Pole Wrap at a military facility or at an Aisle of Flags other than in Geneseo, please check on their regulations.”

She said, “CIC Your Digital Print Center LLC is a small business, woman-owned, located in Henry County and like other small businesses, trying to make it through these hard times – believing if we all work together God will get us through it.”