Atkinson Village moves forward in stages with Park project

Claudia Loucks

Board members are seeking alternatives to complete the Veterans’ Park project.

At their recent meeting, the board rejected the bid previously accepted from Stichter Construction, Erie, to put up the new pavilion and build the bathroom facility in the park.

On June 11, the board accepted a bid of $186,000 from Stichter Construction, but the agreement was never signed in a timely manner by Stichter due to concern over being able to complete the project by the July 31 deadline.

Even though the board has asked the Department of Natural Resources for an extension to complete the project, there has been no response from the Department. The project is being paid for in part with a matching grant of $67,000 from Open Space Land Acquisition and Development (OSLAD) with the total cost of the project estimated at nearly $300,000. Grant guidelines stipulate that work on the project must be complete by July 31 if the village is to receive the $67,000 grant.

Village Clerk Shrhonda Delp said, “As we have not heard from the Department of Natural Resources, it doesn’t look like we will be given an extension.”

Delp said the village will submit the expenses encountered thus far to the DNR which include the cost of the new playground equipment, cost of the new pavilion and the expense of razing the old pavilion “to see if those costs qualify for grant funds.”

She also said Bob Johnson Construction of Geneseo has expressed interest in completing the park project in stages, beginning with setting up the pavilion which is used as the bus stop for students when classes are in session.

In other business, the board accepted the resignation of Nick Simon, who has served on the Village Planning Commission for 41 years and in the role as president for the last several years. Simon will be recognized by the village at a later date.