Galva Council addresses roads and rail crossing issues

Carol Townsend

The Galva Council unanimously voted to hire Moran Economic  Development   of  Edwardsville, IL to end the downtown TIF which is expiring December 31st and get things in place for a new downtown TIF.  The company will charge $28,900 to create the new TIF and $125 per hour to close the old downtown TIF not to exceed $5,000.

Resident Paul Bersell addressed the council on tractors, trailers, and campers sitting in residents yards.  He gave each alderman a picture of what he has to look at in a neighbors yard, 3 tractors, a long trailer and a camper. He thanked the city of what they have done with cleaning up over 100 properties. Bersell said he was not coming to complain but offer a suggestion on how this could be solved.

He said he was driving home and noticed a lot near Silvis, IL that was fenced but was outside the city and a place for tractors, trailers and campers, boats, etc.

The council passed the petition, agreement and ordinance to annex the former Herbster property owned by the Galva Park District into the city of Galva.

The council also unanimously agreed to close the railroad crossing near the Catholic Cemetery. The BNSF railroad will pay the City Of Galva $165,000 to close the crossing.  The money will be used in the MFT fund.

The council passed their appropriations ordinance which was up $353,530 over last years ordinance.

City administrator David Dyer said  the increase is due to a grant the city is receiving from the American  Rescue Plain grant for water,  sewer  and broadband work for $350,000.

Second ward alderman Jim Hartman asked the city of fix whatever problem is needed on US 17 near the High Rise so the barricade would no longer be there. He said he is tired of looking at the barricade.

First ward alderman Jamie Hopping asked what could be done with Industrial Avenue? He said the city workers are out there practically daily patching holes. There is a lot of truck traffic on the road with Galva Iron and Metal, Branchfield Foundry , Galva Co-Op and Eagle Enterprises. Dyer said the City will get several bids on cement for the road.

Third ward Alderman Dougie Anderson asked if  proceedings could begin to demolish the Justin West home at  14 Southeast First Street and the Hemphill house at 315 Southeast Fourth Street. Both homes are in need of demolition.

Police Chief Kraig Townsend reported he wrote 11 administrative warning tickets for residents who did not comply with the junk or abandon vehicle sweep that the police had in Galva. There were originally over 100 properties cited. Chief Townsend is giving the residents til July 30th to pay the tickets or get the problem solved.

He also reported that he is interviewing full time police officers for Galva and hopes to hire one soon.

Richard Plummer, city supervisor said Henry County will be in Galva August 20 or 23rd to oil and chip.