Property Transfers

compiled by Lisa Samuelson
Monroe County property transfers
  • Rodrick Cottrel to Eric and Trisha Osborne 3 Riverside Acres, Geneseo, IL $65,000.00
  •  Daniel R. and Brandi Fleming to Drew Huff 15987 N 2400 Ave, Geneseo, IL $265,000.00
  • Brian and Jill Chemin to Derek J and Samantha Muller, Lot 129 in Stonebridge Crossing Subdivision, Phase 1, being a subdivision of Part of the West half of the Southeast Quarter of Section 13, Township 17 North, Range 1, East of the 4th P.M., City of Colona $294,500.
  • Gustavo Flores and Martha Cerecia to James Bradley Brown 391 Oakwood Circle Drive, Coal Valley $385,000.00
  • Wayne W. and Judy Henrichs to Jessica Harris, Lot 8 of Level Acres extension No. VI, a subdivision in the Southeast Quarter of Section 12 Township 17 North, Range 1 East of Fourth Principal Meridan, situated in the village of Colona $200,000.00
  • Brook Holzman f/k/a Brook Prior and Tyler Holzman to Tyler J. and Karrie Ann Bass 709 7th St., Colona, IL $124,000.00
  • Joan Kotopka to Sarah E. Otto 901 Smith St, Hoopole, IL $42,000.00
  • Shannon R. Hancock and Chad A. Johnson to Justin and Karie Moore #6 Timber Ridge Dr., Coal Valley $355,000,00