Looking Back Galva

compiled by Lisa Samuelson
News in brief

15 Years Ago

August 16, 2006

The City of Galva may soon enter the fiber-optic age and offer high speed internet.  Access to entire collections from libraries in other towns. Video conferencing for business. Two-way teaching for the schools, bringing in man more subjects - and perhaps eliminating the need to transport students.

The Ark Humane Society - a Galva Humane society currently in development - has elected officers and a board of directors and is making a plea for building supplies.

The Galva swimming pool will close for the 2006 season on Saturday August 19. Supt. Jack Laramore told the Galva Park District board Aug 9 the pool will be drained Sun Aug 20 to get ready for minor repairs before it is painted.

25 Years Ago

August 14, 1996

Last week, Galva mayor David Thomson announced that new business district signs are on the way to Galva to be placed along new Route 34, currently under construction near the downtown business district.

Shelly Colls Naperville, and daughter of Dale and Sharron Collis, Galva will be traveling to Haiti this January for a three week mission trip.  This will mark Collis' second trip to Haiti.  Her first trip came in 1993 during a two week trip.

Galva Elementary School officials have announced parent orientation sessions have been scheduled.  sessions include grades 1,2,3, Aug 27, 7 pm, kindergarten, Aug 28, 6:15 pm, and  grades 4,5,6, Aug 28, 7 pm.

50 Years Ago

August 19, 1971

A three-man team started out on Monday morning with the task of assessing all personal property in Galva Township as of April 1, 1971.  Similar action is being carried out all over the state including Henry County.

Along with the wage and price freeze have come a lot of questions on interpretation and employees of the Galva School District may be among them affected by the President's order. The point in doubt is  if teachers and other district employees granted increases by the board before the freeze took effect that wages and prices will receive these increases. 

100 Years Ago

August 18, 2021

Chatauqua opens Sunday; complete splendid program.  Lending strength to the  report that Galva's Chatauqua this season, which opens next Sunday and continues for six days, will surpass last year's splendid entertainment, official announcement was made today that science, commerce, drama, comedy, popular and classical music and religious welfare are all incorporated in the completed program. 

Remember all you heard years ago about the wild wicked country west of the Missouri River?  Well, Marion Muhlenburg a 17 year old New Boston youth heard the same story last week. His journey to the west came to an abrupt halt in Galva when he was detained aby Chief of Police Charles Hilton at the request of his parents.  The fleeing youth arrived in the city Friday morning on a C.B. & Q. passenger train.  In his possession, a large sum of money and a ticket to Aurora were found.