Geneseo School Superintendent shares District initiatives

Claudia Loucks
Dr. Adam Brumbaugh

Geneseo School District Superintendent Dr. Adam Brumbaugh shared plans to increase student academic achievement with parents and guardians of students in the district.

“Since March of 2020, many district initiatives to increase student academic achievement have been slowed or paused,” he said. “With a new school year upon us, we’re excited to begin implementing many of them with the goal of elevating our district to the next level.”

He said throughout the year, he, in addition to district teachers and principals, will provide further updates and more in-depth information.

-Instructional Coaching for Teachers: “This will be the second year we have offered instructional coaching, but the first time that we will have one in every building. Individuals trying to improve in an area of their lives often seek the help of a coach, such as a fitness trainer, financial consultant, or marriage counselor. We are providing our teachers with the same opportunities to hone their craft by utilizing ‘Diane Sweeney’s Student-Centered Coaching’ approach. By enabling our teachers to grow and improve, we will create classrooms that enhance and transform our students’ experience.”

-Increasing Accuracy in Student Assessment: “The pandemic allowed us to evaluate how our classrooms have traditionally functioned. Based on our findings and other research, we will focus and improve upon certain areas over the next few years by relying on a standard-based mindset that 1) prioritizes what content we teach, 2) improves how we assess and provide feedback, and 3) brings accuracy to grades by giving students credit for what they learn. Parents will hopefully notice changes in these areas in the near future, while individual classroom teachers will move at their pace and communicate changes and updates directly.

-MAP Accelerator: “As a district, we moved to the adaptive assessment MAP, a personalized learning tool that provides students and staff real-time data on individual strengths and areas for improvement, a few years ago. The next phase of MAP, (ACCELERATOR) involves personalized practice for students and the ability to be intentional at focusing on their own unique growth targets.

- Math Interventionists: “Before the pandemic, we knew we wanted to be more intentional with our math curriculum and achievement at the elementary levels. This year, federal funds enabled us to hire two Math interventionists who will focus on increasing math fluency, competency, and understanding in our elementary classrooms.”

-Administrative Coach for Academics and Instruction (ACA): “With so many new initiatives, the district is committed to providing enough resources and support to make them successful and sustainable. Sarah Boone, former principal at Millikin School, will oversee these efforts on a daily basis.”

-Stand-Alone Vocational Center at GHS: “Pending approval from our Board of Education, we will continue to work toward building a new space that will increase vocational opportunities and experiences for our students. Through generous donations of several local foundations and businesses, revenue from the 1% sales tax, and restructuring existing bonds, the building will be built without raising the existing tax rate.”

“When you take the strong tradition for high academic standards at Geneseo and use targeted research-based initiatives and resources such as these, the sky’s the limit for what our students and staff can accomplish,” Dr. Brumbaugh said.