Galva celebrates Nichole Withrow with Open House

Carol Townsend
Nichole Withrow in front of her family home in Galva, during an open house celebrating her role in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics

A Galva graduate, Nicole Withrow just got back from Tokyo, Japan going with the US National Women’s  Soccer team.

Nicole is a 2013 graduate of Galva High School and a graduate of Black Hawk and Western Illinois University.

She is the daughter of Talona Withrow of Galva and Eric Withrow, deceased. She stayed with the team in the Hilton in Tokyo. She said the Japan government kept things very safe. You had to wear masks both indoors and outdoors.

Tokyo’s population is about  32 million people

Several of her experiences was being on the elevator with Kevin Durant, American professional basketball player  and Sue Bird, the flag bearer.

She said that it is quiet a sight to see all of the flags representing every country.

Nicole was asked about the Japan food and  she said she really didn’t experience the food as their American chef accompanied the team so all of the athletes could eat what they needed to participate.

Nicole works for the United States Soccer Federation as equipment manager. She is the assistant to the Women’s National Team Equipment Manager for the past few months. They help with all of the logistical  movements for the team, as well as all the team field set up and locker room set ups.

Nicole said it was an experience of a lifetime and noted “I am very proud to get to represent Galva.”