Property Transfers

compiled by Lisa Samuelson
Real estate transfers from the Sandusky County Auditor's office.

Kala Maynard to Koran Stillwell 909 Ash Drive, Colona $100.000

Bk3J Corp to Nathan T. and Pearl Wheeler, 119 W. North St. Geneseo $179,000

Kacey L. Barner f/k/a Fleshman and Chad Barner, to Tanner Haskins and Jenna Brown 813 3rd St, Colona $140,000

Joel R. and Taryn Kobernat to Shawn Thompson, 408 Spring St, Geneseo  $125,500

Monae Verbeck to Ruth Gerhardt, 230 West Pearl, Geneseo $147,000

Deanna L. Printy to Kimberly A. Sweat, 209 W. 2nd St., Geneseo $180,000

Karen McQuillon and Jennifer McQuillon to Tonya L. Lococo 530 North Meadow St. Geneseo $243,000

Gatehouse Media Illinois Holdings, Inc. to Lyndar Innovations 119 W. Exchange St., Cambridge $5,000

Stasia L. Marburger to Charles and Catherine J. Hainline 504 Fullerton Ct., Kewanee $73,000

Charles Moran to Patrick D. Perry 206 E. 6th St., Kewanee $30,000

Derek A. and Angela Casteel to Douglas A. and Heather M Clementz 702 W. Center St. Cambridge $17,500

Matthew and Emily Mols to Alicen Stanley and Paul Porter 7 Pine Tree Court, Kewanee $230,000

Wells Fargo Holdings, INC to Larry W. and Marie Krech 331 Elliott St., Kewanee $54,000

Thomas and Jaclyn Brandmeyer to Carlos Landrau and Nydia E. Fegueroa $80,000