Special Art Events at Geneseo Child Care

Claudia Loucks
Among the young artists at Geneseo Child Care are Bodey Mickley, Lennen Shannon and Reed Robertson

The young people at Geneseo Child Care recently had a lesson in “plein air,” or outdoor painting from David Smith, local artist, who, with his wife Dale, own and operate Smith Studio and Gallery in downtown Geneseo.

Geneseo Child Care and Smith Studio have teamed up to offer a series of special art events to the children. The first art session was held in June and the second session, the most recent was painting outdoors.

Smith arrived at the Child Care location early and set up an easel outside and began painting so that when children arriving to the school could see that there was a special event happening.

“During the morning, students came outside to see and ask questions about painting outdoors,” he said. “They also had a chance to paint outdoors and I had a lot of fun watching the children paint at their easels which were brought out to the grassy playground. It was a lot more fun hearing what they had to tell me about their art.”

The first event was a “Chalk Art” held in June and Smith said, “The children had a wonderful time chalking the walkway with their wonderful creations while also learning about the nature of ‘public art’, - what is appropriate and what purpose it may serve. Some of the young children created their very first sidewalk art on this happy occasion.”

Renee Robertson, Geneseo Child Care owner and director, said, “The students were so proud of their work! Most of them chose to make more ‘plein air’ paintings again in the afternoon after Mr. Smith had left. Other students were inspired to paint at home with their own families. We have continued the creativity with adding more inside painting in our curriculum.”

A third art event is planned in October and a fourth in December.