Geneseo crushes Comer in Football season opener

Claudia Loucks
Mason Lovig, No. 7; and Jaden Weinzierl, No. 17, played key parts in the Green Machine’s win over Chicago Noble/Comer on Friday, Aug. 27, in Geneseo.

Fans at the Geneseo High School Friday night football game saw the type of Geneseo football that they had not seen in some time. The Green Machine took entire control of the match-up which ended in a 49-0 game for Geneseo.

Head Coach Larry Johnsen said even though the score was lopsided, “I thought we got a lot accomplished in Game #1 with a limited number of penalties, by making sure the right people were in the right spots.

“No matter how much you prepare for Game #1, some things are just always going to happen,” he said.

Coach Johnsen also felt good that everyone had some playing time in that first game.

“You put a ton of work in during the off-season, which makes it really important to win Game #1,” he said. ‘Last spring, we didn’t win our first game until Game #3, a totally different feeling, regardless of how we play this fall as opposed to last spring because of the win.”

There also are some “banged-up” players right now and Coach Johnsen that first game also allowed some rest time for those players…”Hopefully we will have more healthy bodies back this week.”

He said he believes “Sandwich will be a better opponent this week for Geneseo.”

The Sandwich football program uses a similar offense as to what Geneseo previously ran and Johnsen said the Sandwich defense is similar to Geneseo’s at this time.

“They are trying to be really fundamentally sound with the plays they run, so they don’t run a lot of plays offensively,” he said.