Looking Back Geneseo

compiled by Linda Flatt
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15 Years Ago

August 25, 2006

All aboard for 'Trains, Planes and Automobiles" on Sept. 16. Steam will once again reign on the railroad tracks going through the middle of town, planes will fly above the community, and vintage cars will strut their stuff in the downtown. Passengers can even board the train for a leisurely excursion.

Geneseo Public Library trustees have said "no" to an informal proposal from the City that the library consider swapping its nearly four acres north of town on Grange Road for the remaining vacant parcel (about one acre) on the property where the Geneseo Junior High School once sat.

25 Years Ago

August 23, 1996

The Public Library would have to have a successful referendum to increase its operating funds before it can expand or modernize the present-historical museum it owns which will be empty after September, 1997, according to library board president Don Beck: The library has had two unsuccessful referenda to raise its maximum levy.

It is the second-to-last school year for the junior high school building. At the next school board meeting a citizens committee will be appointed to look into possible uses for the junior high school, according to Dr. Harold Ford.

50 Years Ago

August 19, 1971

Geneseo Columbian Club will open its 1971-72 season with “The Grace Notes” in a sacred concert “With a Voice of Singing” on Thursday afternoon. The meetings are held in the First Congregational Church parlor beginning with luncheons at 1:30 p.m.

A total of 76 new players have been selected by the coaches of the Youth Football League to fill out the four 44-player teams that will begin season play at the junior high athletic field.