The Accidentals enroll in School of Rock

Tom Akers
The Accidentals: Katie, Michael, and Sav talk about music and musical careers with the Cambridge AIM Program.
The Accidentals perform at Cambridge Elementary on August 31st for the fourth and fifth grade

The Accidentals, a female fronted trio was in Cambridge Elementary and Jr/Sr High School from August 31st until September 1st. The group based out of Michigan was the second of four acts to come to the Cambridge Schools as part of a Quad Cities Arts grant entitled, “The School of Rock!” paying for artists to come to Cambridge Schools to promote music and careers in the Arts.

The Accidentals held three workshops outside on Tuesday, August 31st at the elementary school. They shared with the Cambridge Students how the two lead singers, Katie and Sav were inspired by a group who came to their school in Michigan when they were in elementary school. “We didn’t even know that career paths existed until that group walked through the door of our school. That’s when we realized it was possible.”

The two women played six different instruments during a concert including an electric violin and cello. The focus of the workshop in the elementary school was the importance of friendship and going after your dreams. The trio talked at the jr/sr high school about all of the careers available in the music industry. “We’ve never had any other jobs besides music,'' Katie admitted in the question and answer session with the students. The two women in the group began performing in high school and haven’t stopped since putting out over six albums including the just released Time Out album.

The group then performed on Wednesday Night at the bandshell in College Square park with over 150 in attendance for the almost two hour concert.