Cambridge Village Board approves new playing surfaces at College Square Park

Claudia Loucks

College Square Park will soon have a new basketball playing surface and a new pickle ball court surface.

At their meeting on Aug. 30, the Village Board approved bids totaling $28,850 for two new flexcourt surfaces and mounting systems which will include a new basketball playing surface, basketball poles, backboard and hoops as well as a new pickle ball court including poles and net system; and volleyball pole and netting systems.

Village administrator Steve Brown said, “I think this is another positive addition to our park that we have been focusing on renovating for the last few years and will allow for safer playing surfaces for youth and adults on the basketball court and pickle ball court.”

More good news came when the board learned the village staff is keeping good financial records, after hearing from Jim Taylor of Carpentier, Mitchell, Goddard and Co., Moline, regarding the annual audit and the village continues to receive a “clean audit.”

The board approved allowing the Combine to hold a street dance from 6:30 to 11 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 25, for Cambridge High School Homecoming, when Prospect St. will be closed for the event which will include music and dancing.

The board also:

-Approved allowing the Farmer’s Market to use the front of the food pantry for seasonal sales on non-conflicting dates from October through November.

-Approved allowing a listed group to hunt geese and dove at the Wastewater Treatment Plant during the specified season.

-Approved a $500 Improvement Grant request from Cambridge Cart Sales to help with upgrades needed for Keller’s Pit to open in that location.

-Approved a $500 Improvement Grant request by Reclaimed Salvage to improve gutters, fence and gate.

-Approved a $500 Improvement Grant request from Scott’s Auto Sales to remove trailer and repaint building.

-Approved a resolution for support of the Community Heart and Soul Project.