Galva remembers 9/11

Carol Townsend

The following were asked where they were when they heard about September 11th.

Helen Jeffriess-Galva   She was working in Chicago and was sent to Minneapolis to do an assignment. She had just landed and was in  a taxi going to the hotel and heard it on the radio.  She went to her job site but said they didn’t get much work done that day a they were glued to the television.

Myron Townsend-Galva He was in a City of Galva truck and it came across the radio.  He said he went to the shop and told the other workers that this was  bigger than Pearl Harbor.

Rose Miller-Galva said she was working in Kewanee at Abilities Plus and saw a group gathered around a TV and they told her the towers had been hit.

Debbie VanWassenhove. Galva said she was on her way  to get a test for her first pregnancy, her son Ethan at St. Mary’s Hospital in Galesburg  and heard it on the car radio. She said when she got there, she had to re-schedule the procedure.

David Dyer-Galva, He said he was in Vail Colorado on vacation and it came over the TV. He said everyone wanted to go home. He said they left and listened to the car radio til they returned back to Texas and could again watch the television.

Brian Anderson-Galva, He said he was at his parents house in Moline. He said he had stopped there on his way moving back to Illinois. He said he saw the second plane hit the tower. He was a member of the Urban Search and Rescue at the time but was not called to New York.

A woman touches the stone with names of the 9/11 victims at the 9/11 Memorial