Ally Nelson earns Gold Star Award

staff writer
Ally Nelson stands in front of the kisok she designed and helped erect at Cole Cabin in Geneseo .

Ally Nelson of Geneseo recently was awarded the Girl Scout Gold Award for her project located at Cole Cabin in Geneseo. 

The project consists of a kiosk that houses maps she created of Prairie Park and Cole Cabin.  It contains QR code that can be scanned and will take you to a website she created with information on the flowers and trees that can be found there, and the history of Boy and Girl Scouts in Geneseo, as well as ways to join. 

The Trustees of Cole Cabin host a flower walk, and Nelson had new signs made labeling the different kinds of lowers and trees in the area. 

" In High School I volunteered at the Geneseo Humane Society located near Cole Cabin. I would be out walking the dogs and people would ask me about hiking trails in the area of Prairie Park and Cole Cabin. I wanted to have this displayed to help those looking for this information so they can enjoy the outdoors more in the area." stated Nelson. 

Nelson would like to recognize the Trustees of Cole Cabin,  Boy Scouts of Geneseo, Girl Scout Service Unit 886, her mentors Anne Ryerson and Jody Rathman,  troop leader Jennifer Nelson, and all others that have helped support her along the way through the years. 

She was in Girl Scouts for 13 years, starting in Kindergarten as a Daisy Scout, graduated GHS class of 2021.  She is now an Adult Girl Scout and Lifetime Member.