Property Transfers

compiled by Lisa Samuelson
Real estate transfers from the Sandusky County Auditor's office.

Todd and Amy Peterson to James and Breanna Peterson to James and Breana Peterson 2 Sunny Hill Court, Orion, IL $220,000.00

Joshua and Sara Allen to Tessah Pozzie to Isaac Stewart 1 Dave Court, Colona $305,000.00

 OSF Healthcare Systems to Heather Lundeen 220 West 5th St., Woodhull, IL $9,000.00

Benjamin and Suvanna Tillery to James Martin 520 NW 8th Ave, Galva, IL $155,000.00

Virginia Schmidtleu,  Ann L. Maldonado to Michelle Collis Lot 11 Ryan Gardens, Colona Township $52,000.00

Rhonda Borkgren,  to Heather Pierson 201 S. Stewart St., Geneseo, IL $80,000.00

Christopher Shipman to Zachary Johnson and Stephanie Blessman Fifty-three (53) feet of uniform width of the West side of Lot (11) in Block (8) of Vail's Second Addition to the city of Geneseo. $102,000.00