Tractor pull challenges children

Mindy Carls
Four-year-old Nixon Gibbs of Orion digs in during Orion Fall Festival’s pedal tractor pull on Saturday morning, Sept. 4, in the parking lot at Kirk, Huggins & Esterdahl Funeral Home.

Every day children sit on a pedal tractor and ride merrily along.

Except for the Saturday morning of Orion Fall Festival, when a cart with ropes and weights is hitched to the pedal tractor. Boys and girls ages 4 to 8 take the seat and see how far down the track they can go.

As the children pedal, they have to put in more effort as turning the pedals causes the ropes to raise the weights.

Boys age group winners were:

4-year-old boys — 1st, Jackson Haars. 2nd, Carter White. 3rd, Deacon Reaves.

5-year-old boys — 1st, Bryant Cooper. 2nd, Finn Alleruzzo. 3rd, Patrick Jones.

6-year-old boys — 1st, Ryder Johnston. 2nd, Maverick Rhoades. 3rd, Corbin Zeck.

7-year-old boys — 1st, Landon Carlson. 2nd, Knox Reaves. 3rd, Jason Blade.

8-year-old boys — 1st, Laiden Swan. 2nd, Aidan Stringer. 3rd, Kaiden Lawhorn.

Girls age group winners were:

4-year-old girls — 1st, Brianna Dahl. 2nd, Kora Zeck. 3rd, Roselyn Fritch.

5-year-old girls — 1st, Lynsay Carlson. 2nd, Maggie Cerra. 3rd, Lauren Belshause.

6-year-old girls — 1st, Jette Steen. 2nd, Isley Thorndyke. 3rd, Hallie Lough.

7-year-old girls — 1st, Britton Steen. 2nd, Addie Hoste. 3rd, Sofia Alleruzzo.

8-year-old girls — 1st, Rylie Lough. 2nd, Olivia Young. 3rd, Stormie Tompkins.