Seven year old Geneseo boy hosts book signing

Claudia Loucks
Seven-year-old Shawn Pobanz planned and organized a “Meet the Author/Book Signing” event so he could share the book he wrote about his chicken Rosy.

Shawn Pobanz wanted his classmates to meet Rosy, but since pets are not allowed at school, he began writing short stories about his chicken “Rosy,” and sharing them at school.

Those stories became so popular with his friends that Shawn decided to have a “Meet the Author/Book Signing” event….The seven-year-old second grader at St. Malachy’s Catholic School in Geneseo invited friends to the book signing prior to sharing those plans with his mother, Kate Pobanz.

“He told me he had set up the book signing party for a book he had written,” Ms. Pobanz said. “He started writing short stories for his first grade class earlier this year about his chicken Rosy and the kids all love them.”

He is now a second grader at St. Malachy’s.

The young author made individual invitations to each of his classmates and handed them out on a Friday at school.

She said her son sat down the next morning (a recent Saturday morning) and wrote an entire book.

“I added pictures of the two of them (of Shawn and Rosy) and we had 40 copies made, got ice cream treats and held the event in the shelter on the grounds of St. Malachy’s School,” Pobanz said.

“I am so proud of him, he had a huge speaker and microphone at the party and he sat and read the entire book with enthusiasm for the entire crowd,” she said. “The kids in his class started cheering and clapping while Shawn was reading his book.”

Rosy became part of the Pobanz household earlier this year when Shawn’s grandparents, Roger and Judy Pobanz of Geneso, found her.

The following is an excerpt of what Shawn wrote for me when I asked him how he met Rosy.

By Shawn Pobanz – “She looked like she was just a plastic bag on the side of Interstate 92 (Illinois Route 92), but when we thought about it, it wasn’t a plastic bag, it was a chicken! That’s how we got Rosy. Hey, I think that was a chicken! Let’s go get it! Said Grandpa. “No way Jose!” Said Grandma. But Grandpa got Rosy anyway. When Grandpa picked Rosy up he said, “Hey Judy! Do you want to hold this chicken?” Said Grandpa. “No!” Yelled Grandma, so Grandpa luckily had a box in the trunk of the car.

So we took her home, every night she jumps in her own box and every morning we open the door and Rosy walks outside.”

The author also shared a few of the pages from the book he presented at the book signing event, which included this page:

“This chicken is 15 % bad, 85 % good. Chickens love red, ha, she is always talking, she is always happy, which most chickens are happy. She can jump 12 feet in the air, she just did that yesterday, she jumped to the second story window and was looking in at us. She was on my trampoline with me and my friends. Do you have a chicken? Raise your hand if you do...”

He pens stories about Rosy every few weeks and said, “I thought other people would like to know her, because she is an unusual pet and people want to keep track of what she is doing.”

Shawn and Rosy spend week days at his grandparents where Rosy lives in the basement of the house.

“We tried things for her to sleep in, but she keeps going back to the cardboard box at bedtime,’ he said, and added that during the day Rosy wanders around the yard and goes out into the fields.’

“She gets all of her own bugs and dandelions,” he said. “I give her cracked corn every once in awhile.”

His mom said even though Shawn has a dog and two cats at their house, Rosy is his favorite pet.

When asked why, he answered, “She is so nice, she is so pretty and so sweet!”