Galva receives ARPA money for infrastructure

Carol Townsend
City of Galva

Galva received $168.434 for a COVID 19 grant. Mayor Rich Volkert said the grant can only be used for sewer, water and broadband.  This is only half of the money that Galva will receive.

The council approved a request from Ceasar and Tracy Interial to put up a storage building at their property at 420 Southeast 7th Avenue. The council approved the Zoning Board of Appeals recommendation to put the shed 2 feet from the West property line rather than the required 5 feet.

Mayor Volkert read a proclamation proclaiming October 19th as Blackhawk College’s 75th anniversary date.

The council went into closed session and made a motion when they came into open session to sell a triangle lot near the old water works building and the railroad tracks by taking bids.

Monday, November 15th will be the last yard waste pick up date this year.

Fire hydrants will be flushed October 11th through  22nd. Superintendent Greg Thompson said the city replaced 9 fire hydrants this year and still have more to go.

Thompson reported that the Fiber company has hit 4 water lines and 1 sewer line during their installations. . He said they are about 2/3 of the way done. He said it is very hard to keep ahead of them with locates.

The council instructed the  City Attorney Elisa  Nelson  to codify the ordinance book as it has not been done since 1994.

First ward alderman Mitch Boston asked Chief Kraig Townsend about the Police dog that the city owns. Chief Townsend replied, “He is idle right now.”

Fire Chief Nate Byers was present and said the ISO gave the city a 5 rating and the district a 5X rating. Chief Byers said this is the same rating that was given three years ago. He said 1 is the best and 10 is the worse insurance rating.

He said that OSHA also did an inspection and Galva Fire Department had 15 violations but all have been corrected.

Third ward Dougie Anderson was absent from  Monday nights meeting.