Advisory Ad Hoc Committee created to help find projects for ARPA funds

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic

The Henry County Board authorized the creation of an Ad Hoc Committee to advise on projects brought to them, to decide if they meet the criteria laid out in the American Rescue Plan Act, and advance them on to the Finance Committee, and ultimately to the full County Board.  This occurred during the Board meeting on September 23. 

Board members Kippy Breeden, Natalie Collins, and Kelli Parsons will serve on the Committee,  Four volunteers were also appointed to oversee the projects to be brought before them.  They were Megan Dwyer of Geneseo, Allen Anderson of Galva, Art Fanter of Colona and Eddie Toliver II of Kewanee.  Erin Knackstadt, County Administrator and Matt Schnepple of the Office of Emergency Management will also participate with the Committee. 

Criteria for the projects to be brought before the Board is that they qualify under one of the Four Pillars laid out by the Board as guidelines.  Those Pillars are : county government infrastructure, health & mental health services, Office of Emergency Management, and Community Assistance.

The County will receive $9.4 million in two installments.  They are currently in receipt of the first half. The balance will be sent in July of 2022.

The function of the Ad Hoc Committee will be to hear the merits of projects brought to them.  Only Board members appointed tot he Committee will be allowed to vote, although other members are functioning in an advisory capacity.  Once vetted by the Committee, the approved projects will be brought to the Finance committee and then full Board to be voted on regarding funding. 

Anyone seeking further information on the process, or with projects they want to present to the Committee, should contact Erin Knackstadt, or one of the Board members on the Ad Hoc committee.  

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