Galva crowns Gretta Wigant Harvest Days Little Princess

Carol Townsend
Left to right: Iris Mosley, Gretta Wigant and Kynsleann Dennison

Gretta Wigant, was crowned Little Princess in Galva’s Harvest Days Pageant Sunday afternoon.  Gretta is the daughter of Lucas and Rachel Wigant of rural Galva.  She won the Miss Congenially and best formal wear.

Iris Mosely, right was the first runner up.  She is the daughter of Madison and Dustin Franklin.  She had the best harvest wear and the best interview.

Kynsleann Dennison, left was the second runner up. She is the daughter of Brett Schoutteet and Tara Schoutteet.

Other contestants for Little Princess was Karsyn Clayes the daughter of Drew Smith, Megan Clayes and Harrison Hergert. Karsyn was the most photogenic.

Shauney Nelson is the daughter of Lerin Mallery and Fred Nelson. Shauney won the spirit of the pageant.

Brielle Jeffrey is the daughter of Mark and Brenda Jeffrey. Brielle had the best pop question.

Harmonie Shull, daughter of Kristopher and Kassi Shull won the directors award.

Libby Wangelin is the daughter of Matt and Holly Wangelin and Gabryala Shull is the daughter of Kristopher and Kassi Shull.