Shoppers encouraged to support Geneseo small businesses

Claudia Loucks

“If there is something you can buy in Geneseo, buy it in Geneseo,” is some advice that Zack Sullivan, executive director of the Geneseo Chamber of Commerce, heard recently from a local business owner.

“Small businesses are the lifeblood of any small town, and this is especially true in Geneseo,” Sullivan said. “A full recovery has yet to be achieved post-pandemic.”

He said by keeping dollars local provides a “huge benefit to small economies and it keeps our vibrant small business community going strong.”

Sullivan and the Geneseo Chamber of Commerce have worked tirelessly to promote Geneseo and its downtown area….”We focus on ‘Downtown Geneseo’ a lot because it is the heart of our local economy,” he said. “And a healthy heart means the rest of the body is healthy and can continue to function as well.”

Small Business Saturday is Saturday, Nov. 26, in Geneseo, although shoppers are encouraged to shop local small businesses year-round.

In talking with two local businesses, it was evident that they have felt not only the effects of the pandemic, but also the frustrations of not being able to receive goods in a timely manner.

Kevin Paxton, owner of Chicago Street Decorating Centers; and Mariah Hutchinson, interior designer, are shown in the newly-designed cabinetry featuring some great holiday décor available at Chicago Street Decorating Center in downtown Geneseo.


Mariah Hutchinson, interior designed with Chicago Street Decorating Centers, said, “Now more than ever it is important to ‘Shop Local’. Small businesses have definitely felt the wake of the pandemic. We all know about the issues of receiving goods on time during this holiday season, so why not focus on what the local stores have in-stock right now.”

Chicago St. Decorating has two locations – the main center, at 1000 South Chicago Street, specializes in floor coverings, cabinetry, window treatments and a full-service paint department.

“While we have stayed busy this year with remodel and new home projects at our main location, we are still adapting to changes in production of goods this past year,”

Hutchinson said. “Fortunately, production and supply chains are starting to get back on track.”

The second Chicago St. Decorating location, at 127 South State St. in downtown Geneseo, opened four years ago and features a unique selection of custom furniture, pieces, home décor and accessories.

“The girls have put together a great selection of Holiday Home Décor this season and are receiving new product daily,” Hutchinson added.

“Both locations have design experts on hand to help with any home interior project,” Hutchinson said. “It is important for us to have knowledgeable staff, quality products and great prices to fit everyone’s needs and budgets.”

“Our doors are open to the public and we look forward to serving our customers in person again,” she said.

For more information, contact Chicago Street Decorating at 309-944-6854 or visit info@chicagostreetdecoratingcenter, or on face book page:

Rachele Neuleib, a Village Home Stores salesperson, stands next to a new Whirlpool Air Fry Range on display in the Village showroom.


In talking with Elizabeth Round, marketing manager for Village Home Stores, we learned even though there is an ongoing national appliance shortage in entering Black Friday seasons, “not all appliances are having supply issues,” she said.

“Did you know there is a local source for your home appliance needs? Village Home Stores, located at 105 South State St. in downtown Geneseo, can get you a great price and help steer you to available models shipping now.”

She said they even have a good number of items in stock right now.

According to Round, “I don’t think that many people realize that our small business has competitive prices year-round. Yes, we price mach if needed, but our everyday prices already line up with the box stores.”

“We are an independent dealer, but we are members of a major buying group,” she explained. “That means we can offer you the same price as the box stores and you can support our local family-owned business.”

Village Home Stories uses their own warehouse, delivery and installation crews. They also offer appliance service and repair if needed.

“When shopping small this season, don’t forget service-based business,” Round said. “If you need a service, be sure to research local options and read their reviews. Small businesses like Village offer you customer service experiences that box stores and major retailers just can’t match. When you shop from a small business, you work with a salesperson that is expertly trained on the features of the products you are buying.”

“Shopping small for your large appliances with us supports our small business and you benefit as a customer too,” she added. “Our small business includes over 30 employees, each representing a household your purchases help support when you choose to shop local with us instead of big box stores down the road.”

“You get a great price and get to work with our expert sales staff to make sure you are selecting products that are right for your lifestyle and are available to ship,” she said.

For help selecting the right appliance for your budget and needs, contact the Village Home Stores team at 309-944-1344 or stop in at 105 South State St. in downtown Geneseo.

Store hours are from 9 a.m. through 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturdays. Online shopping is available and the website is