Galva Arts Council winner

Carol Townsend
Galva Arts Council Tour of Lights winner, Bill and Roxanne Ince of Galva

The home of Bill and Roxanne Ince of 508 Northwest 3rd Avenue. received the most votes on the Galva Arts Council’s Tour of Lights Saturday night of the 18 Galva homes that entered the contest.

If you missed the tour Saturday night, you may drive around the see the lights which include: Jon and Rose Humphrey, 311 NW 2nd Steet; The Triggs, 304 NW 6th Avenue; Rachel Blaylock, 118 NW 8th Avenue; Shane Kaiser, 18960 Bonham Road; Al DeCrane, 19022 Bonham Road; The Stahls, 704 NW 5th Avenue; The Norways, 502 NW 11th Street; Heather Anderson Nance, 1214 NW 3rd Avenue; The Inces, 508 NW 3rd Avenue; Robert and Carlin Follis, 410 NW 2nd Avenue; Deb Smith, 210 NW 1st Avenue; Joel Brewster, 309 NE 1st Avenue; Tami and Jeff Svoboda, 120 NE 8th Street; Misty and Jesse Hutchinson, 114 NE 7th Street and Bill and Tina Hutchinson, 818 NE 3rd Street.

The Galva Arts Council served coffee, hot chocolate and goodies for all who picked up their list and returned to vote for their favorite display.