Geneseo Middle School Community Book Club

Claudia Loucks
Eighth graders Sedonie Scheider, left, and Erin Bowers of the Geneseo Middle School (GMS) On the Same Page reading cadre show the buttons given to readers of the 2022 OSP book, “The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise.”

Student readers at Geneseo Middle School have selected the Dan Gemeinhart novel “The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise” for the 12th On the Same Page Community-Wide Read.

“The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise” is an adventure tale starring Coyote, a 12-year-old girl who lives in a school bus as she travels around the country with her dad, Rodeo. An unexpected phone call means that Coyote must get back to Washington, but she knows that her dad’s grief will prevent him from taking her home.

Volunteer sixth, seventh and eighth grade readers select the OSP book.

Megan Scheider, a sixth grader, recommended “Coyote,” and said, “Because it has a lot of different characters who all help each other.”

As Coyote ad Rodeo move around the country, they keep picking up new passengers.

“It’s about finding family wherever you are,” added eighth grader Erin Bowers.

The student readers have been thinking about Coyote Sunrise for the last two years as On the Same Page did not select a book in 2021…Jeanne Brucher, Geneseo Middle School librarian, said, “It’s important to us that the students are able to meet together and discuss all of their book possibilities because they select each year’s book. With us being unable to visit in person most of last year, we decided to wait.”

Thanks to the support from the Geneseo Education Fund, Geneseo Kiwanis, Geneseo PTA, there is no cost to participate in the On the Same Page program. Copies of the novel will be available in various locations in the community for community members to take, read, and pass along. Copies of the book also may be picked up at the Geneseo Middle School office.

Each year, students plan a culminating event to tie to the book. This year GMS will host the author in person on Tuesday, March 8. Dam Gemeinhart will visit from assemblies with students during the day.

OSP also will host an evening session with the author for the public, beginning at 6:30 p.m. on March 8. Public is invited to attend to learn more about Gemeinhart’s writing career and celebrate “Coyote” and his other middle grade novels.

For more information about the On the Same Page program, visit, or contact program coordinator Brucher at GMS, 309-945-0599.