Geneseo City Administrator stepping down, last day will be February 9.

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic
Geneseo welcome signs

Geneseo City Administrator, Joann Hollenkamp,  in an email dated Wednesday January 13, announced that she would be leaving the position, and taking another post, citing the chance to spend more time with family. 

Hollenkamp has been the Geneseo City Administrator since July of 2019, and has helped the City navigate the turbulent waters of the Pandemic, as well as helped put the City on secure fiscal footing. 

A Special Meeting of the City Council was held on Tuesday January 18, to discuss filling the  position, as Hollenkamp's last day will be February 9.

Two local residents, during public comments voiced concerns over what they perceived might be an opportunity for a previous Administrator to be appointed to the position.  The residents stated that the person had a history of contentiousness, and Geneseo was in a good place now, not to compromise that. 

The Council adjourned into Executive Session, and upon emerging, announced that Brandon Maeglin,  would fill the role of Interim City Administrator until a suitable candidate could be found. Maeglin is currently the City Clerk.