Northside School Penny Wars essay winners

Claudia Loucks
Mac Round and Suzie Neumann wrote the winning essays in the recent Penny Wars competition held at Northside Grade School in Geneseo.

Northside Grade School fifth graders are doing their part in reaching out to help others.

Thirty-nine students in the school’s two fifth grade classes recently participated in the Penny Wars, raising funds for a charity of their choice.

The girls collected $111.76, with the winning essay written by Suzie Neumann, daughter of Corey and Ann Neumann.

The boys collected $99 for St. Jude’s Hospital with the winning essay written by Mac Round, son of Andrew and Elizabeth Round.

Participating students were required to research the organization they chose to write about and use their persuasive writing skills to convince their classmates to donate the money toward the organization they chose.

Neumann is a student in Amber Williamsen’s fifth grade, and Round is a student in Janelle Hickey’s fifth grade class.


“Don’t you think everybody should have a great home? Can you imagine what would happen if you or one of your family members couldn’t afford to fix something like a roof, ramp, or something like that? My first reason is, Rebuilding Together fixes homes for people who can’t or don’t have the money at no cost. Also another reason is that, about 90% of people feel pride in their homes after repairs. Last but not least, my final reason is that they have a program to help individuals in wheelchairs or, can’t walk, receive ramps that allow them to come in and out of their home for no cost.

My first reason is if you donate, Rebuilding Together fixes homes for those who can’t or don’t have the money to fix their homes. Over 7 million low income homeowners spend about half of their income on their house but, with rebuilding together homes can be fixed with your donations. Imagine that was you, imagine if you or maybe even a family member couldn’t afford to have a nice home or fix repairs in your home. Rebuilding Together will help with your donations. The maintenance decreased 27% from donations with rebuilding together. With you help we can decrease it even more.

About 70% of people plan to pass their property to a family member or friend after repairs, saving even more money. Lowe’s, a very big hardware store serving 20 million people and, had 90 billion sales in 2020 are also helping out with fixing homes and other amazing things like that.

Another reason is that, about 90% of people feel pride in their homes after repairs. 66% of people get the feeling of increased inclusion within their neighborhood after repairs. I’m not saying you should judge people on whether they have a pretty house or not but, just feeling happy in your house is the most wonderful feeling and I hope

everyone feels that. It makes me so sad finding that people really can’t feel happy in their own home. Three in five people are feeling happier after getting repairs. Again three out of five people feel more confident in their homes after repairs.

My final reason is, they have a program to help individuals in wheelchairs receive ramps allowing them to get in and out of their homes. Most of us are very lucky and don’t have to worry about getting in and out of their homes an we take simple things like these for granted but, sadly some people can’t do those simple tasks we do every day. Rebuilding Together helps those people in need of a ramp in their homes. Rebuilding Together has already helped 150 people with Cerebral Palsy or other conditions where you can’t walk and will help and touch so much more if you donate to Rebuilding Together. 8 year old Marshall is in a wheelchair and usually his grandparents had help get him in and out of the house to get to school and other important things but, they are getting to old and soon they couldn’t help poor Marshall get in and out of his home. Rebuilding Together heard about this problem and installed a ramp now Marshall is doing better than ever.”


“Did you know that St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital takes 2.8 million dollars to operate each day? I think that 5th graders should donate the penny war fund to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. St. Judge should have our money because they find cures for children with very bad sicknesses, families don’t have to pay bills, and it just isn’t fair for people who have bad sicknesses they cannot control.

At St. Jude they find cures and treatments for children with bad sicknesses. St. Jude has been an investment for almost 60 years to help children from all over with bad sicknesses. St. Jude treats about 260 patients each day. St. Jude has also treated people from all 50 states of American and has treated people from around the world. Bill Gates, Dwayne Johnson, Michael Jordan, Jackie Chan, and loads of big names support St. Jude.

Families do not need to pay for anything and don’t’ have to pay any bill at St. Jude. Every dollar people donate to St. Jude helps pay for families’ treatments. It also goes towards the housing families stay in. The money also goes towards cures for illnesses.

It isn’t fair for people with bad sicknesses that they can’t deal with themselves. In November of 2019, Imani was born but at 5 weeks old she had a brain tumor and was rushed to an emergency and was only able to remove 60% of the brain tumor. Then she was brought to St. Jude, and she was treated and they got the rest of the tumor out. In the summer of 2018, Brayden’s family moved across the country a month before their lives changed. He had a brain tumor and went to St. Jude and was cured. Eleanor had medical problems since the day that she was born. St. Jude treated her, and she now lives a very happy life.

St. Jude finds cures, families don’t pay for anything, and helps save children. This is why I think Penney Wars funds should go to St. Jude. Vote for St. Jude to help save children.”