Galva Council approves new handicapped bathrooms at Senior Center

Carol Townsend
City of Galva

The Galva City Council approved  $2,500 to pay a plumber for a new handicapped bathroom for the Galva Senior Citizen Center.

The council approved the money to be taken from the TIF funds.

Center director Pam Kelly told the council Monday night that the Center has supported the Galva senior citizens for over 40 years.

She said the facility located on Front Street is also a  polling place for elections. She said that it is against the law have a polling place without ADA approved bathrooms.

She said her bid was $8,200 for the new bathroom and she has raised $2,200 from several donations from businesses and individuals.

She said she has asked her church to help with the work but they do not have a certified plumber.

The Center is an old building also needs some electrical updates done.

The goal is to get the work done by November 1st of 2022 in time for the next election.

The council approved the final changes to the liquor ordinance. A few of the changes is that all minors must be out any establishment that serves food  and alcohol by 10 p.m. In the revised ordinance, no alcohol can be sold 30 minutes before closing.

Police Chief Kraig Townsend will deliver a copy of the amended ordinance to all establishments on Tuesday.

The council unanimously voted to change the towing fee for certain traffic stops from $100 to $150, administration fee from $25 to $100 and impound fee from $25 to $35 per day. There are 13 traffic stops that can warrant a vehicle to be towed such as DUI, drugs, no valid drivers license, fleeing and eluding, etc.

The council will have Chief  Kraig Townsend work with City Administrator David Dyer work on the ordinance and bring it before the council at the February meeting.

The council approved a bid from Core and Main for 18 fire hydrants and extra parts for $48,147. Water Superintendent Greg Thompson said that a recent water leak survey found 18 leaking fire hydrants in the city.

It was  reported that Rural Development who is in charge of paying the bills for the income based apartments located on Northwest 7th Avenue has stopped paying for garbage.  The city has hired someone early in 2021 and again this month to haul away the trash.  A letter will be sent to Rural Development giving them 10 days to comply with trash pick up or a fine of $75 to $500 per day will be imposed.

The water bill is up to date but will be shut off if it gets behind.

Third ward alderman Dougie Anderson said that he has had several people ask him about the ice skating rink in Wiley Park which has not been open yet this Winter season. . He said that he feels “we need a plan next year.”

Supervisor Richard Plummer asked residents not to put garbage cans in the street. He said you can’t plow snow with cans in the street. Plummer asked that you put them on your terrace.

The council discussed several homes that need immediate attention. The Hemphill home on Southeast 4th Street is in the process of coming down, Justin West the owner of a house on Southeast First Street can not be located to get his paperwork. Another house in the 200 block of Northwest First Avenue needs immediate attention. It was noted that the house has been sold for years in back taxes amounting to $7,100. It was noted that sometimes the person wants that money back plus interest.

The council went into closed session for legal reasons and when they came out voted to: “The council will look into resolution 152 to possibly make changes.” Mayor Rich Volkert said he could not make a comment on what that meant at this time.

Second ward alderman Rick Otterstrom was absent from the meeting.